Prior to arrival, admitted exchange or guest students will be contacted regarding course registration for the upcoming semester. Course registration happens on a semester-by-semester basis, so for a yearlong study, students will undergo the course registration process twice, once prior to arriving at Pitt and another time in October.  

After admitted students have formally committed to studying at Pitt, they will receive access to Pitt's online portal and resources, including the ability to register on their own for the upcoming semester.  In order to log onto Pitt's portal, incoming students will activate their Pitt User account, which is separate from the PeopleSoft number provided during admission.  Students will register for courses through an online system known as PeopleSoft.  Prior to accessing the system, students should review the University Registrar's Enrollment Policies and Student Training Videos to understand the system.  

Registration for courses is contingent upon availability and meeting the prerequisites of the course. Although students are responsible for their own course registration, some students may find that they have already been registered for a select number of courses based the application submission. Others may not be registered in any courses yet. This is because academic departments must approve entry into a course, for which formal pre-requisites have not been met at Pitt.  A student may have taken similar pre-requisites at his/her home institution, but since the requirements were not take at Pitt, PeopleSoft will not automatically recognize that coursework.  Such is often the case for technical coursework, such as those in the fields of science, engineering, economics or advanced subjects in the humanities.  In order to bypass this, students will initiate contact with the respective academic department.  The academic department will provide a permission number per approved entry into a couse.  Students requesting approval should allow at least a week’s time for a response.  

Students admitted to the School of Arts and Sciences should review the list of Departmental and Program Advisors for the appropriate permissions.  Students admitted to either the College of Business Administration or the School of Engineering should contact their assigned academic advisor for assistance on course registration.

Prior to the Add/Drop Deadline, international students must reach full-time status, or otherwise risk breach of visa status.