Academic Culture

University Culture

Although individual academic cultures may exist within each school and even within academic departments especially at an institution as large as Pitt, there are shared values among the Pitt professors and instructors, similar to that of most American university environments. These cultural values may vary significantly from universities outside of the US, so it is important for incoming international exchange or guest students to be aware of what may be expected of them to succeed academically.


Academic Integrity

Academic integrity is taken very seriously at Pitt. All students, including international exchange and guest students, are expected to exhibit the principles of academic integrity. To help all students better understand the expectations in relation to academic integrity, please see the guidelines and student obligations published by the University of Pittsburgh's Office of the Provost.  


A key element to academic success at Pitt is understanding how to appropriately communicate with Pitt instructors and administrators.  Below are few tips and reminders.  Email is the official means of communication at Pitt.  Due to this, incoming students should use professional messaging when addressing messages to Pitt peers, faculty and staff.  
  • Utilize the email address for any email communication.  
  • Regularly check the contents of the inbox.