Incoming students interested in on-campus housing indicate such interest on the online application.  After admitted students commit to the studying at Pitt, students who have indicated their interest will receive instructions from Panther Central on how to begin the on-campus housing application.  

As the on-campus hub for variety of services, Panther Central may aid incoming students on locating on-campus housing.  Pitt's Pittsburgh campus has over 21 housing options, which are mostly residence halls and a small number of apartment-style accomodations.  If available, housing may be reserved with a $325 deposit paid in advance.  Depending upon the option selection, the average rent per semester is may range from $3100 to $4200, which equals approximately $775 to $1050 a month.  Due to high demand for housing, on-campus housing is not guaranteed for exchange or guest students.  Therefore, it is highly recommended that incoming students should also look into making off-campus housing arrangements.  Pricing for the various options may be found on Panther Central's website.  Click on “Room Information” on each hall's page for details. The least expensive option is Tower A, and the most expensive is Bouquet Gardens.

Students planning to live on-campus should budget and prepare to purchase bed linens as well as a few dormitory furnishes, such as a microwave or a small refrigerator. Depending on the residence hall, these are not provided. 

For specific questions contact Panther Central, by clicking on “Contact Us Here!” or emailing pc@pc.pitt.edu.  


Since on-campus housing is not guaranteed, incoming students should also explore living off-campus.  To assist students on locating these options, Pitt has the Off-Campus Living (OCL) office.  OCL guides students on how to look for off-campus housing.  In coming student should be mindful that most leases in Pittsburgh are typically for a year, so students should inquire if a particular listing may accomodate a shorter lease.  

Otherwise, incoming students should look at the sublet option, as those are available when other Pitt students are seeking for another individual to occupy their apartments while they are away.  On the other hand, students should see if there are any students who may be searching for a roommate.  See a listing of individuals seeking a roommate or a subletter on the OCL website.   

Alternatively, incoming students may also be interested in homestay options.  Homestays are when visiting students live with an American family here in Pittsburgh.  For homestays, there are two separate options.  Students looking for less expensive options may consider these options: GlobalPittsburgh or  OvECS Ltd.  With either homestay option, students should inquire where the options are located, as to ensure that the commute to campus meets their needs.  

In the past, a few students have opted to live a little further away for more reasonable costs, such as in the downtown area at Penn Commons