Pittsburgh: Big City, Small Town Feel.

As the second largest town in the state of Pennsylvania, Pittsburgh has all the amenities of a large city, including a network of museums and performing arts venues, a famous sports culture and a beautiful downtown. However, unlike larger cities like New York City and Los Angeles, the standard and costs of living are more affordable. With this contrast of amenities and living costs, Pittsburgh has been named one of America's most livable cities for the past few years. As a city with deep historical roots, students may easily explore the many distinct neighborhoods and the historical changes this "Steel City" has undergone throughout the centuries. Also known as the "City of Bridges," the city has over 400 bridges through its city proper with the most famous "Three Sisters" connecting downtown to the South Side. Some of the most iconic images of the city include these structural features.


Incoming exchange or guest students have the option to either live on-campus or off-campus.  After admission, students will be provided information on how to apply for housing on-campus.  There are several resources avaliable for students interested in either option.  

Student Life

Incoming students may join over 450 student organizations, cheer on the Pitt Panthers at the Petersen Events Center, or see a show through the PittArts Cheap Seats program.  With all that there is to do in the classroom as well as outside of it, why not join Pitt as an exchange or guest student?